Our Friends at the East Bronx History Forum meet at our Library on the Third Wednesday of each month (with the exception of July and August when there is no meeting). Time: 7:30 pm

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Wednesday, December 20that 7:30 pm. The East Bronx History Forum will hold its 126th free and open meeting – 

The Forum’s will have special guest presenter Robert Diamond return, this time discussing the events leading up to April 14th 1865 and related mysteries revealed in New York City. The presentation: “Hunt for the Lost John Wilkes Booth Diary Pages “

Bob Diamond, Chairman of the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association (BHRA) has made a personal, hands-on study of the New York City transportation underground. For 30 years, Bob Diamond has guided tours of an abandoned subway tunnel, sealed for over 150 years. Some say, that the Atlantic Avenue tunnel was used for bootlegging and that the FBI led a hunt for Nazis there. Mr. Diamond has other stories that is much darker, going back to the early plot to kidnap President Lincoln, other co-conspirators and Booth’s escape, all tracing back to New York City.
In 1979, Robert Diamond started uncovering the details in after picking up the trail deep inside the “Cosgrove Report”, written by a former C.I.A. agent. Mr. Diamond will present the entire personal story, with facts and events that continue to be added to this unfolding mystery.
All meetings are free and open to the public at The Huntington Free Library, located at 9 Westchester Square, Bronx NY, next to the Apple Bank. Parking is free after 7 pm. Please view the East Bronx History Forum web page at for details, or follow us on Facebook. Please join us at 7:30 pm, Wednesday December 20th at the Huntington Free Library.

All meetings are free.  Please join us at 7:30 pm Wednesday September 20,  2017 at 7:30 pm at the Huntington Free Library, located next to Apple Bank at 9 Westchester Square Bronx, NY.  Parking is free after 7 pm.




 Donald J. Gilligan, an 80 year old lifelong Bronxite, discovered his artistic ability late in life.  After 12 years of retirement, he took his wife’s suggestion and enrolled in an oil painting class at  the Pelham Art Center, where he developed his skills in the last three years under the tutelage of Eleanor Miller.  Inspired by the French Impressionists, he finds the subjects for his paintings in the local community, as they did.  Most of his paintings depict scenes on nearby City Island.  When it comes to painting, City Island is Gilligan’s Island of choice.  He says: “Who needs Monhegan or Appledore Island when you have City Island so close by.” Mr. Gilligan has been an active founding member of the History Forum.  He has contributed his knowledge of Bronx history at many presentations, walking tours and events and has used this information when selecting his subjects. 
Mr. Gilligan will present and discuss his various works with some slide images and many original works.  Mr. Gilligan’s paintings will be familiar to all Bronxites, especially those from City Island, where many works are depicted.  Mr. Gilligan had a showing of his works at the Focal Point Gallery in 2015.  Many of his works went fast at the Focal Point Gallery, so get to the Huntington during the opening night.  Mr. Gilligan’s art will be on exhibit at the Huntington Free Library until August 31st.

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Painting: “City Island Antique Shop”  by Don Gilligan


The Huntington Free Library and Reading Room is located next to Apple Bank at 9 Westchester Square Bronx, NY.  Parking is free after 7 pm.