How The Bronx Happened: An Examination into the Historical Context of Bronx Development

Tuesday, December 19, 2023 – 7pm

The story of how The Bronx transformed from a rural landscape to an urban center is quite fascinating. It is a tale so interwoven with the borough’s constant change in demographics and population shifts that one concept is not so easily understood without considering the implications of the other. Join former history teacher and local historian Matthew Foglino on a presentation that puts into historical perspective the forces behind The Bronx’s massive development boom in the late 19th century, its evolution, and how it continues to affect us today.

This free public lecture will be given at the historic Huntington Free Library and Reading Room located at 9 Westchester Square in The Bronx. Opened in 1891, the library is the Bronx’s first established to serve the general public, and through various programs, lectures, and research collections, it remains to be an important cultural anchor in the community today. RSVP here.