Support The Huntington Free Library and Reading Room

This past year has been quite historic for the library. Our roof restoration project, the very first of its kind in the institution’s history, was finally completed back in October. We now have an ADA ramp installation project slated to start this year. We also received thousands of Bronx postcards and other items from the historic collections of Bronx historian and author Thomas X. Casey. These artifacts are currently being scanned and uploaded to an internal database so that researches can access them. We are also on our third year serving the Bronx community with our annual book bag, turkey, and holiday toys giveaways, all thanks to our partners and supporters. Finally, we launched the library’s free public lecture series so that all aspiring Bronx historians can use the space and discuss an array of topics. 

Think it was a busy year for us? All this was made possible with support received throughout the year from our partnering friends and supporters like you, and just imagine what more we can accomplish by supporting us again this year. There are many important projects happening at the library that we hope you can support one or even all of them.

Whether its support for our digitizing and archiving project, interior repair maintenance, more free public programming, and other projects, what’s important is that it all serves the community, just like Collis P. Huntington willed it back in 1891 upon its grand opening to the public. 

Therefore, we humbly ask if you can consider making a generous donation here so that we can continue the good work. Your gift, as always, will make the greatest impact as we enter a brand New Year with more ideas and experiences. 

Thank you.

The Huntington Free Library and Reading Room is a 501 (c )(3) all volunteer not-for-profit institution. The Library depends on the gifts, grants, rental proceeds, and donations from friends and partners to provide free community programs, and most importantly, for the maintenance and historic preservation of our landmarked building.

Donations can be made here or by check, payable to:

The Huntington Free Library and Reading Room
9 Westchester Square
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